Pilsen Tools

Cutting tools


Tools for production of gearing

  • Hobbing cutters for involute gearing to module 25
  • Hobbing cutters for sprocket wheels
  • Milling cutters for involute gears
  • Milling cutters for sprocket wheels
  • Milling cutters for toothed rack
  • End milling cutters
  • Rack cutter

Special milling cutters and lathe cutters (monolite and with exchangeable cutting tips)

  • Plain and shell milling cutter
  • Disc milling cutter
  • Spline milling cutter
  • Angel milling cutter
  • Form milling cutter
  • Special lathe cutter

Thread-cutting tools

  • Thread cutting disc
  • Thread milling cutters
  • Taps

Hole-cutting tools

  • Reamer
  • Reamer drill
  • Countersinking bit
  • Flat drills

Pull and push broachers

    • Flat pull broachers for key grooves
    • Special flat broachers
    • Round broachers for fine grooves
    • Involute round broachers
    • Round broachers for equilateral grooves