Pilsen Tools

Machinary Production


Production of mechanical parts

  • Parts for machine tools
  • Lifting equipment spare parts
  • Cylinder for textile industry
  • Cylinder for grafic-arts industry
  • Parts for paper industry

Production of parts for energetic industry

  • Turbine equipment

Weldment production

  • To total weight of 20 t and measurement 15 x 4 x 3 m
  • Welding by classic electrode as well as in protecting atmosphere
  • Including the heat processing and working
  • Including flaw detection
  • Including the surface treatment
  • Including transport provision

Transport construktion production

  • To the weight of 300 t
  • For transport to all territories
  • Including our own construction and calculation
  • Production of special trasport constructions

Processed castings and forgings delivery

  • To total weight of 140 t and dimensions c. 10 x 4 x 2 m
  • Material GGG and GG, carbonaceous and alloy steel
  • Including model provision
  • Our own realization of NDT
  • Including surface treatment
  • Including transport provision